Taplytics Customer Success Stories

Here's how some of our customers have leveraged our platform to drive higher user engagement, conversions and more.

Social Networking

How Houseparty Keeps Users Consistently Engaged Through A/B Testing

Read how Houseparty's weekly experimentation process helped them drive:

  • 2x the friend requests sent by new users on their first day

  • 15% increase in permission to access users' contacts

  • 9% increase in push notification opt-ins

Retail (Food)

How Chick-fil-A Increased Mobile Sales through Faster A/B Testing

Learn how Chick-fil-A used the Taplytics Visual Editor to quickly start testing their app’s design, which resulted in:

  • 6% increase in mobile payments

  • Mobile payment-related support calls reduced to zero

  • Higher customer satisfaction with the mobile app

Tech (People & Culture)

How Good&Co Increased In-App Conversions & Engagement

Learn how Good&Co used Taplytics to experiment with different user paths faster than before, which resulted in:

  • 6% increasing in number of first-time user quiz completions

  • 27% growth of engagement with Karma points feature

  • Good&Co’s validation process significantly sped up

e-Commerce (Entertainment)

How TodayTix Increased Ticket Purchases By 9%—With One Simple Experiment

Learn how TodayTix saw huge returns with a simple onboarding flow experiment, which resulted in:

  • 59% increase in completed registrations

  • 9% increase in tickets purchased

  • Validating decisions and impacting business metrics faster

e-Commerce (Entertainment)

How Lottery.com Drives Growth with Rapid Experimentation

Learn how Lottery.com used Taplytics to speed up their A/B testing process—without using more engineering resources—which resulted in:

  • Uncovering underperforming elements in their app

  • A 60% increase in CTA click-through

  • Making decisions based on real-time user insights