Reimagine your launch and testing process.

The days of manual releases and coding to introduce new features are over. Taplytics helps engineering teams reduce product risks by controlling launches and optimizing performance.

Reduce Release Headaches

Roll out new features in a controlled manner to specific user groups over time. Monitor results and instantly pull back features when needed.

Accelerate Product Performance

Run experiments across mobile, web, and OTT to validate product direction and priorities.

Prove Product

Understand the impact of new features across user acquisition, retention, and growth.

  • Feature Flag Scheduling

    Establish a roll out schedule to monitor and react to product opportunities in real time.

  • Feature Flag Segmentation

    Use behavioral, preference, location targeting and more to introduce new features to the right customers.

  • Experimentation Code Blocks and Variables

    Cut down on the endless A/B test requests. Upload code once and let your product team manage all the experiments they want.

  • Server-Side Delivery

    Stop the dreaded-flicker effect. Use a single server-side connection to guarantee lightning-fast feature and experiment delivery.

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