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5 Examples of the Best Entertainment A/B tests

Entertainment AB Test Examples

Entertainment and media apps are everywhere, many of which go above and beyond to personalize in-app experiences for their customers.

With so many techniques for retaining users, here are six A/B tests you can run to discover how to turn first-time downloaders into lifelong customers. 

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1. Onboarding

entertainment app ab test - login

Onboarding is an important area to test in your app. The first few screens of your app need to immediately communicate your value proposition. Test what kinds of CTA’s you want to show new users and the flows you want them to go through. Vanity Fair has clear CTA’s for users with and without a subscription. They also de-emphasize the ‘just browsing’ option by putting it in small text.

2. Free Trials/Freemium Accounts

entertainment ab test app - freemium

It can be difficult to convince a new user to sign up for your app if they haven’t had a chance to use it yet. That’s why it’s an awesome idea to have ‘try before you buy’ options with a basic free account and locked features. An example of an app that’s mastered this skill is Spotify. Spotify has impressively converted 28.3% of its customers into paying subscribers. Freemium users can use the app and listen to music but are limited to wifi only streaming and can only shuffle playlists. When users pay for the premium account, they can listen to songs offline and have the option to listen to specific songs without any ads.

3. Subscription & Membership Layout

entertainment a/b test - subscription layout

Users want to know important details before they pull out their wallet, but how much information is too much? The best way to figure this out is to test different kinds of layouts to display membership options. Netflix shows the different types of subscriptions side by side. This makes it easy for the customer to compare and make an educated decision on which subscription to choose.

4. Personalization

entertainment a/b test - personalization

It’s important to test ways to personalize your app for your users as it can make a huge difference in your ability to retain users. Netflix shows the user content that is tailored to them based on genres and shows they’ve previously watched, and suggests that viewers continue with the next episode.

5. Payment

entertainment a/b test - payment

Another important area to test in your app is payment method. Suggesting third-party options like PayPal may encourage more payments vs. just directly paying through the app store. The KKW app suggests payment through the apple store, all the user has to do to unlock content is input their password.

With an intuitive onboarding flow, a freemium option, subscription comparisons, a personalized experience, and different payment methods, your entertainment and media app can blow away the competition. Quickly test the alternatives with A/B tests to see which best creates a great user experience!

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