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What is A/B Testing?

What is ab testing

A/B testing is the perfect way to optimize your digital product, be that a mobile app or a website. A/B testing is comparing two different versions to see which version performs better. Two or more variations of a page or interface are shown to a user at random and analysis of the results will determine which variation performs better. Tools like Taplytics can help with implementing A/B tests.

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How it Works

A/B testing takes a screen and modifies a certain aspect of it (like a CTA) to create a second version. The original site is called the baseline and the new site is called a variant. A pre-defined portion of the traffic will then go to the baseline version with the traditional CTA, and the remaining will go to the variant. The engagement with each of these pages is measured and analyzed over a period of time. After this, there will be a clear view of if the hypothesis was a ‘winner’ and if the change had a negative impact, positive impact, or no effect.

Why to A/B Test

Testing is incredibly important because it will show you what changes are effective and ineffective in your app. It will also show you how different users engage with your app depending on their background, for example, if mobile users are at a higher drop off rate, this can highlight an issue within your mobile website. The key reason to perform A/B tests is so that you can make data-informed decisions with your platform and iterate on tests with positive results to continue to improve your platform and make it the best possible experience with your customer.


Once you’re ready to get testing, here are some great examples from a variety of industries with unique apps and goals to get you inspired.

1. Entertainment apps may want to increase sign-ups. To achieve this goal, try adjusting the onboarding process and add the option for freemium account options. Other tests include:

  • Freemium accounts
  • Subscription layout
  • Personalization
  • Payment

2. Retail apps may want to increase the number of completed checkouts, to achieve this try adjusting the checkout flow. Other tests include:

  • Menu type
  • Page layout
  • Promotions

3. Food apps may want to increase sign-ups through their referral programs, to achieve this they can try out different referral programs. Other tests include:

  • Recommendations
  • Referral programs
  • Checkout flows

A/B testing is the best way to increase website traffic and conversions. Taplytics will help you make data-driven decisions with your A/B tests today.