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Taplytics Launches Moonshot Sandbox Lab

Taplytics Launches Moonshot Sandbox Lab

Taplytics Labs launches today to emphasize the importance and value of experimentation.

Introducing Taplytics Labs

At Taplytics, we encourage team members to test ideas and hypotheses even if they stretch beyond the scope of our product or defined roles. Taplytics Labs is now the sandbox in which these experiments are hosted, designed to inspire a culture of experimentation and share valuable industry insights with the world.

“It’s important to ensure our team members’ ideas are heard even if they fall outside of Taplytics’ primary scope. We encourage everyone to stay in tune with industry trends and believe trial and error is always an effective use of time. With the launch of Taplytics Labs, we’re excited to showcase how our talented team’s discoveries continue to drive mobile and web innovation forward.”

-Aaron Glazer, CEO

Taplytics kicked off this initiative today with experiments and insights on global push notification trends and the iOS11 adoption rate.

Global Push Notification Trends

This test ran throughout the month of September, collecting data from 100+ apps across 11 categories — including business, productivity and social — that use push notifications as part of their mobile strategy.

The goal of the experiment was to discover push notification trends, and more specifically how these trends differ by app category. The results generated valuable insights that demonstrate what type of variables should be considered when designing impactful push notification campaigns.

Taplytics Labs, September 2017

For more push insights, access the full interactive report in Labs.

iOS 11 Adoption Rate

When iOS 11 was first released, we tracked user adoption on an hourly basis to see how it differed throughout the day and compared to adoption rates of previous versions.

Taplytics Labs, 2017

For the full graph, visit the iOS 11 adoption rate experiment in Labs.

The Future of Taplytics Labs

The Taplytics team will be using Labs as not only an internal outlet to curb our curiosity and advance our product, but also to create an external resource for the digital community. We hope this initiative also inspires others to think critically about the way they integrate experimentation into their products and culture.

We’re hiring!

If you think the Taplytics Labs initiative is awesome and want to join us, check out our job openings!