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Take Control of your Mobile Data

Mobile Data Analytics

At Taplytics, we believe the key to success is focusing on the metrics and insights that matter. One of the biggest challenges with this is finding an analytics solution that provides the customization you need, so you can focus on the metrics that are specifically relevant to your business. Most out of the box solutions quickly fall short when you start wanting to customize your queries, because their charting templates only go so far. As you grow, these solutions become very clunky, expensive and cumbersome to your business.

Today the Taplytics team wants to change this with the introduction of Taplytics BigQuery. Through Taplytics BigQuery, you will get access to your raw data so you can create custom dashboards and reports and query any way you like. For some, this quick update may be all you need, but if you are still unsure what all of this means, keep reading and we’ll dive into some of the key benefits.

What is Taplytics BigQuery?

BigQuery is part of Google’s Cloud Platform and is designed to analyze any amount of data extremely quickly. Google’s data warehouse is designed to make your data infinitely scalable and very easy to analyze. There is no need to have a team member manage your data to ensure you have enough servers to handle the load. No matter the size of the tables or the complexity of the queries you’re running, everything scales instantly, all your data is secure, and queries take seconds to run.

By installing the Taplytics SDK, you already have the ability to track all of your events to use in your experiments and push notifications. So by combining Taplytics and BigQuery we now have a way to provide access to all your event, user and experiment data in a secure and easy format that is infinitely customizable to fit your needs.

Why Raw Data Access?

No two companies are the same, and everyone has specific activities and areas within their mobile app they focus on. By providing raw data access, you can track and query anything within your mobile application. Whether you want to understand your funnels to determine where your users are dropping off, or gain more insights into how your users are spending time in your application. Even the most complex question can be answered by querying your raw data.

With raw data access, you also have the freedom to connect your mobile data with any other source of information you have so you can gain insights across channels. For example, by connecting your offline and web data with your mobile data you can begin to determine how your users behave when they experience your brick-and-mortar, e-commerce and mobile stores in combination. Mobile is often part of a much larger picture so by connecting and querying across multiple sources of information you can begin to gain deeper insights into how your users interact with your brand as a whole.

How can I visualize my data?

With access to your raw data, you also have the freedom to bring your data into the data visualization platform of your choice. Visualization platforms give you the ability to easily query and create graphs for the metrics that matter the most to your team. A visualization platform is also a great way to connect all of your sources of information together so you can gain cross-channel insights. If you don’t already have a preferred visualization platform we can help you get started through partnerships with Periscope or Mode Analytics, but Taplytics BigQuery can connect to any visualization platform that supports SQL.

Taplytics BigQuery is designed to provide teams big & small with a data solution that can be customized to fit their specific objectives. With Taplytics BigQuery, you can start asking more questions that result in better experimentation to drive an optimized in-app experience and greater ROI.

Taplytics BigQuery will be available as an add-on subscription, and our team is here help you get started today.