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Introducing Taplytics’ New Experience Cloud

Today’s most aspirational brands create magical experiences at each customer interaction. Customers are not treated as marketing segments or ‘users’, but rather as individuals at different stages of a journey with the brand.

Brands who treat each of their customers this way and provide a unique, contextual experience that’s consistent across all digital channels are the ones who succeed in building deep relationships with their customers that cultivate brand loyalty and growth.

However, this is easier said than done.

Brands are drowning in the oceans of customer data that they finally have access to, and they don’t know where to start. Time is ticking and so are their customers, who expect, no demand, that every experience with the brand is personalized and contextual.

This is why we are so excited to introduce the Taplytics Experience Cloud. It’s where artificial intelligence sits at the center of a comprehensive portfolio of experimentation, engagement and analytics solutions to help brands create a holistic, data-driven user experience filled with magic moments.

Here’s how we think about the process of creating a delightful customer experience:

You have access to massive amounts of customer data, which you need to harness to understand each individual that interacts with your digital channels. What are their likes and dislikes? What makes them engage the most? What channels are they the most or least active on?

Use these insights to engage with customers in a personalized way to lead them through a journey that weaves in and out of each digital channel to engage them and automate what each individual sees and interacts with.

Analyze each step in this journey to find out where customers are engaging the most and why.

Continually experiment and iterate with different messages, interfaces, and features to discover which experience delights each customer the most on each touchpoint.

Collect and record these new user insights to continue to personalize your experience so customers can uncover magic moments more frequently.

Our Solutions

Each solution in the Taplytics Experience Cloud plays a role in the development of these experiences, and, when used in tandem, enable brands to apply the oceans of customer data that is at their fingertips to give customers the personalized experiences they demand.

“The traditional marketing cloud concept falls short of connecting with an individual – it gets companies in the habit of viewing people as numbers. The Taplytics Experience Cloud changes the way that brands create experiences that are personalized, relevant and ultimately engaging”.  

-Ashley Lewis, VP Product, Dollar Shave Club

Taplytics Experience Cloud: EngagementEngagement Platform

Develop pathways that guide customers through contextually relevant journeys and execute on magic moments across all digital channels. The customer pathways are personalized to the individual.

Taplytics Experience Cloud: Launch ControlLaunch Control

Reduce the risk of introducing new features to your experience by rolling them out incrementally.

Taplytics Experience Cloud: Data WarehouseData Warehouse

Host all customer data in one place. This enables effective analysis by Dexter, our artificial intelligence sidekick, and breaks down barriers between channels.

Taplytics Experience Cloud: AnalyticsAnalytics

Build custom analytics and dashboards to understand results and share conclusions across the organization securely.

Taplytics Experience Cloud:Experimentation Engine

Discover what experience delights each customer the most, through iteration and experimentation at all touchpoints and in all channels.

NEW: Taplytics has traditionally only provided capabilities to conduct code based and visual experiments on mobile and TV apps, but launches web experimentation as part of the Experimentation Cloud’s release.  Without requiring a technical skill set, marketers, product managers, designers, and engineers can create personalized and engaging experiences on the web.

But That’s Not All That’s New…

What’s most exciting and revolutionary about the Taplytics Experience Cloud is that all of these solutions are tied together with artificial intelligence to power execution with speed and efficiency.

TaplyticsExperienceCloud-AIMeet Dexter: Taplytics’ AI Smart Assistant

Dexter, the AI nucleus behind the Taplytics Experience Cloud, enables brands to make every experience more personal than ever before. Dexter surfaces smart, contextual recommendations on key areas of opportunity within a user’s journey to take the guesswork out experimentation and personalization.

Create More Magic Moments

Rooted in its data-driven approach, Taplytics empowers brands to personalize and experiment at scale, bringing together customer-centric teams across Experimentation, Product Management, Growth, Marketing and Customer Service with the new Taplytics Experience Cloud.

To learn more about how we’ve helped create billions of delightful experiences for world renowned brands like CBS, Ticketmaster, Royal Bank of Canada and Chick-fil-A, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Aaron Glazer
Co-Founder & CEO