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Github Adds Taplytics to Their Student Developer Pack

Taplytics github student pack

We are excited to announce that Taplytics has been included in Github’s Student Developer Pack! Github has become an indispensable tool for many developers and at Taplytics we love Github for how it helps our team work together. We are also excited at what they have put together with the Student Developer Pack.

The Student Developer Pack

The pack is a set of tools and services that have offered free access to students so that they can get a head start and hands-on experience at the earliest stages. At Taplytics we believe that getting access to world-class tools early in your learning process can help you to build better software and as a result, better apps.

Taplytics’ Complete Platform, For Free

As a part of the Student Developer Pack, Taplytics is offering access to our full suite of tools: Dynamic A/B Testing, Smart Push Notifications and Custom Analytics, free for 6 months. This makes Taplytics the first mobile optimization and messaging partner in the pack, enabling students to track the usage of their apps, connect with their users through push notifications and then test how the changes they make affect their users.

We believe in the power of data, and getting students thinking in a data-first way at such an early stage of their development can make a big difference in their learning process. We’re very excited to see what these students use our platform for and we’re looking forward to working with them every step of the way!