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New Feature Spotlight: Segmented Results

Feature Spotlight: Segmented Results
We recently released a new feature that dramatically improves the value of the data that you can get from our results page. We now allow you to segment your results to be able to see how your users with different devices, OS or App versions react to your experiments. While the results page functions exactly the same, you can now refine the results to see exactly how different subsets of your users react to your mobile A/B tests. So, while you may have seen a particular result when looking at your entire user-base, you can now determine if there are differences across segments.

We always tell our customers that each user is unique and that you should be targeting them based on their individual characteristics. This feature allows you to see how different user characteristics actually affect conversion rates in your experiments. So now you can actually see if users with the iPhone 5 react differently than users with the iPhone 5S, or if users with an older version of iOS behave in a different fashion than those who are running the latest and greatest software. From the data we have seen, there can be significant differences across even the most simple of segments.

We believe that this feature will help you to understand your users better, and in turn, you’ll be able to create more targeted experiments that perform better for your users. So feel free to hop in and check out this new feature and start seeing the differences across your users right away. And if you ever want any help targeting your users better, feel free to reach out over email, I’m always happy to help.