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User Insights

User Insights

In addition to our Android launch today, we are also proud to announce the release of our new User Insights platform. Taplytics User Insights gives our customers actionable data to answer the question “Why?”. We give customers key indicators like acquisition, engagement, cohort, retention analysis and activation analysis without any additional instrumentation.

We also give them deep insight into exactly what each user or each cohort of users is doing in their app, right down to time spent on each view and the actions taken. Data is organized by device type, geography, experiment and variation allocation, as well as any other custom variables set in the app. The immediate benefit is an easy to understand presentation of deep user insights. With these insights, marketers, developers and publishers can take action and directly understand the results in their most important metrics.

With our new User Insights platform, you can now also take advantage of a wider range of events enhanced with custom data. Not only can you set custom data, but with User Insights you can also set any 3rd party event as a goal to track within Taplytics. For the launch of User Insights we support events created in Parse, Google Analytics, Apsalar, Mixpanel, Flurry and Intercom, with many more coming soon.

Benefits for A/B Testing

The best part about the new User Insights platform is that it opens up a whole new world of targeting possibilities. With User Insights layered on top of our new iOS and Android SDKs, you can target your experiments based on any custom metadata you want. When you are reviewing the outcomes of your experiments, you can now view how users that were within specific experiments and variations reacted at a very granular level. This depth of data will allow teams to better understand why users react the way that they do to experiments. Giving you and your team an even better ability to create and test hypotheses about your app and your user base.

Benefits for Support/QA

Beyond experimentation, early users of our User Insights platform have loved the new deep user views for their ability to assist in all parts of the process, including development, support and sales. Most specifically the view into exactly which pieces a user touches can greatly help both support and QA. Our User Insights section helps you to understand how your users use your app. You can see very specifically the exact steps a user took before they encountered a problem; including which buttons were tapped, how long they spent on each screen, and what features they enabled.

Pairing this capability with Taplytics Hotfixes can enable you to deliver fixes instantly to a very targeted set of your users. Think of this combination as the way to achieve perfection in your delivery of great experiences to each and every one of your users.

Taplytics’ User Insights platform is available today for everyone! The data that you can get with no instrumentation is amazing. Get started with User Insights by signing up at and if you want to learn more feel free to check out our documentation here.