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7 Ways to Increase App Downloads

Increase App Downloads

The Apple App Store and Google Play store have over 2 million apps each (and counting). It’s hard to compete with all the choices out there! It’s important to invest your time increasing retention and downloads for your app to bring it to the masses. Here are some ways you can increase app downloads efficiently and effectively.

1. Encourage users to rate and review your app

If your users rate and review your app, you’ll see downloads drastically increase. People trust other customers, so seeing that others are enjoying your app will encourage new users to press the download button.

In-app feedback tools like Instabug, for example, send surveys to your users and ask the happiest ones to leave reviews, which drive up your ratings. Offering incentives like coupon codes, prizes, or points will encourage your users to leave reviews. 

2. Ensure you have keyword relevance

It’s important to check out Google AdWords and the app store top charts to find out what people are searching for most of their apps. Being on top of the trends and including the most searched words in your app name will get you lots of downloads!

3. Have regular app updates

It’s important to have regular updates on your app help you stay competitive in the app store. A new release is a great way to re-engage existing users and attract new ones. Worried about a risky rollout? Use Taplytics to send updates to certain segments with an A/B test with no App Store updates required! Building a better product with better features and fixes to bugs will keep your customers happy.

4. Increase social proof (sharing on social media)

There’s no doubt that your customers are active on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s important your app takes advantage of this by creating an online brand persona that reflects your app’s personality. Create conversations, engage with your customers, and use your brand. Glossier does a great job of having a visually appealing Instagram which attracts their customers and encourages customers to post photos of their products by reposting the ones they like. Free advertising!

5. Visually appealing app icon

Your app icon is the first impression people get from your app, so make sure it’s eye-catching and memorable. It should be a great symbol as a representation of what your app does and encourage people scrolling through the app store to download your app over all the others. It should also be simple. The simplicity of the G-Suite Apps encourages downloads.

6. Make your app free

It’s easy to make your app free, and it will definitely increase your app downloads. Even making your app free for a short period will increase downloads and engagement. The apple store will boost your app rankings after making it free, and your app will be more visible. The popular “Freemium” model is a good way to get users in the door and charge later for upgrades that will make the experience even better. 

7. Focus on your user

It’s important to check analytics and see what users are liking about your app and what you need to improve. Taplytics big query will give you answers to all your analytics questions so you know what to test next in your app and what to put on your roadmap.

Increase App Downloads

All it takes is a little time and effort to boost your app store downloads. By encouraging your users to review your app, selecting the right keywords, regularly updating your app, increasing your social media presence, making sure your app icon stands out, having a free app, and focusing on your user, your app will go above and beyond! Check out Taplytics for help on rollouts for new features, and app analytics.