A/B Testing & Experimentation

Launch powerful A/B tests for mobile (iOS and Android), web, and OTT — on either client-side or server-side — to determine what will engage and convert users at every step of their journey.

Streamlined A/B Testing

Create powerful code-based A/B tests, or launch code-free visual experiments without engineering support, then track your results in real-time, from a single platform.

Excellence Across All Channels

Use a single experimentation module and process to run experiments across mobile, web, and OTT.

Customized A/B Test Distribution

Target random or specific groups, quickly add or remove users from your tests, and schedule full rollouts of the winning variants over time.

Goal Tracking & Reporting

Measure the impact of experiments with flexible goal tracking and integrations, or allow our AI assistant to suggest opportunities for improvement.


Drive Faster Adoption

Quickly create visual experiments—without help from engineering—or custom code-based A/B tests for mobile (iOS and Android), web, and OTT (tvOS, Android TV, Amazon TV, Roku TV) to optimize your users' experiences and drive behavior.

  • Experiment Faster

    Easily test buttons, copy, images, and colors with our code-free visual editor, or build code-based tests fast by setting up a reusable code blocks and variables library, then launch tests without making app store updates.

  • Control Who Sees What

    Target users by location, platform, activity, or other custom data. Control the percentage of users in a test, set up timed rollouts, or use our code-free feature flagging option—Launch Control—to incrementally release new products.

  • Track Results In Real-Time

    Connect our goal editor to third-party systems to track the impact your experiments are having on conversion rates, and send Taplytics experiment data to systems you already use for analysis to gain further insights.


Understand How To Optimize User Experiences

Validate your ideas with in-depth analytics that show what’s really influencing user behavior. Export data to other systems to track how your optimization efforts are supporting your business goals.

  • Quickly Assess Your Experiments

    Set up goals for any conversion type via integrations with third-party systems. Filter results by segments, see when rollouts to your entire user base are complete and more.

  • Uncover Deeper Business Insights

    Connect event or experiment data with analytics tools like Looker, Mode, and Tableau to visualize how your experiments are impacting other areas of the customer experience.

  • Enhance Customer Data with Experiment Results

    Seamlessly connect Taplytics data to your current analytics tools to better track how your experiments are impacting product usage and other key metrics.

Popular Taplytics Integrations

Seamlessly connect Taplytics experiment data to your favorite analytics sources to better track how your experiments are impacting your product usage and key metrics.


Taplytics Decision API

Run A/B tests on any device connected to the internet with our lightweight Decision API. From mobile, OTT to voice assistants, the sky’s the limit when it comes to experimenting across smart devices.

  • Test On Every Device, Quickly

    Launch A/B tests quickly on almost any channel, without installing an SDK.

  • Deliver Lightning-Fast, Flicker-Free Experiments

    Reduce loading time and avoid the dreaded “flicker” effect when sending experiments to users thanks to our lightweight cloud functions distributed at edge.

  • Optimize The User Experience

    Keep your users' experiences consistent across devices through user-based bucketing. Optimize the customer journey by tracking events and creating custom conversion goals.

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