Unify the customer experience.

  • Orchestrate powerful journeys
  • Protect consumer privacy

Taplytics Customer Experience Automation transforms your data into universally actionable campaigns and experiments. Now, you can create uniquely personalized digital experiences without the risk of privacy breach.

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The Taplytics Advantage

Creating authentic, impactful, and trustworthy customer experiences across web, mobile, email, and OTT is challenging. But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s where Taplytics steps in.

5 Systems. 4 Channels.
1 Single, Powerful Platform.

Marketing tech stacks have become clunky and cumbersome. Say goodbye to disjointed and disparate systems and move to a single, coordinated platform for orchestrating a great digital experience. Across teams, channels and geographies, easily deploy solutions for experimentation, email, marketing automation, launch control and push messaging.

Commitment To
Data Privacy

Taplytics is the only solution that offers single-tenant and private cloud hosting options, allowing you to own and protect your customer data, avoid privacy risks, all while providing personalized customer journeys.

Customer Success

We’re not just another vendor in your toolkit. Taplytics takes a holistic, partnership approach from onboarding, implementation, training, consulting, and growth, to ensure success and longevity of customer experience as a part of your culture— all with a hyper-focus on cross-channel expansion.

Can you drive more product and user adoption without sacrificing time, resources and growth?

See how Taplytics helps product leaders experiment, optimize and capitalize on product growth opportunities across channels, while also fostering internal collaboration and alignment.

Are you giving your audience a consistent, engaged brand experience—no matter where they interact with you?

Discover how Taplytics empowers marketers to orchestrate personalized digital experiences across web, mobile, email and OTT, elevating your brand experience and customer loyalty.

How are you reducing product risk and release issues, while still hitting roadmap milestones?

Learn how Taplytics removes the ambiguity of product releases and helps your teams focus on what they do best: building amazing products and experiences.

Customer engagement and experience is a journey—not a destination.

Taplytics combines the most used and loved software into one single platform.


Unlock product and customer growth with integrated A/B testing across mobile, web, and OTT.

Mobile Push Messaging

Drive mobile ROI with personalized push notification campaigns.

Launch Control

Manage product risks with feature flag segmentation, scheduling, and measurement.

Email Marketing

Strengthen customer relationships with targeted, automated email campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Engage customers with personalized journeys across mobile, web, OTT, push notification, and email experiences.

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